Sergio Morales

Sergio Morales

Computer Engineering Graduate
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
University of California, Riverside

About Me

My name is Sergio Morales, and I'm a Computer Engineering graduate from UC Riverside. I'm 22 years old, born and raised in Riverside, CA, and I hope to one day innovate the world of engineering through the professional experience I gain from working in the industry, to which I hope to one day take back into graduate studies. What made me realize my passion for engineering is my interests in going out of my way to understand the how and why of things.

Never being satisfied with just courses, I'm always seeking ways to further pursue my interests in engineering. I have a passion in Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Algorithms, and Signals & Systems. Apart from academia, I spend time being able to reach out to younger, underrepresented peers who need guidance under the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

Latest Projects

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Integrated Appliance System (IAS) - Building a Microcontroller Interface for an Energy-efficient System

Working closely with a Chemical & Environmental engineering team from UC Riverside, I helped design and implement controls for the award-winning project. Using ATmega microcontrollers and other components, I created a user-interace which includes a mobile Bluetooth app to be able to actuate controls.

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UCR Chatline - A UCR Social Media iOS Application

Implemented the Friends feature for a software engineering course project. The iOS application involved the use of Git for version control, Parse API for database integration, and several software engineering practices such as Extreme Programming and Synch & Stabilize.

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NES-FPGA - An NES Emulator Implemented in an Altera FPGA

Worked on implementation of the NMOS 6502 Processor replication on a C framework for the Altera Cyclone IV FPGA. Project includes utilization of real NES controllers, PPU (video for NES) to VGA conversion, and more.

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Work Experience

GM Logo

Algorithm/Software Engineer
Powertrain Integration Software, Controls, & Calibration
General Motors
(2015 - Present)

Responsible for developing software and algorithms that control multiple actuators in a way that optimizes fuel economy, emissions, and drivability. Specific responsibility includes developing software for powertrain integration systems such as cooling fans, through use cases and requirements for in-vehicle embedded software. Tools utilized included Matlab, Simulink, and ANSI C development environments for development of robust control features.


Student Worker
Department of Information Technology
University of California, Riverside Extension Center
(2013 - 2015)

Assist the Department of IT in helpdesk tickets, software automation through scripting, and hardware/software troubleshooting. Work in Windows OS platform with Group Policy, Active Directory, printers on the network, and setting up workstations for the staff.